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New Home Sales fall due to high pricing

New home sales fell last month according to the Wall Street Journal and other news venues.  Some said it was a sign of a "faltering" housing recovery. I strongly disagree, however.  I've been showing new builds quite a lot over the last few years.  What I have seen … [Read More...]

Mortgage rates fall in Phoenix

Mortgage rates fell this week to an average 4.48 for a 30-year fixed loan**.   Also, home prices fell approximately 1% although not in all areas.  Keep in mind that home price trends are highly dependent on micro-markets (small areas geographically) and various … [Read More...]

Brand New Homes Available in North Peoria – No waiting – SPEC HOMES

Are you looking for a home in North Peoria or North Phoenix and would just LOVE a brand new one, but don't want to wait the 5 months it takes to build? Well, you're in luck. Because the market is so good, builders are once again building spec homes.  A spec home is … [Read More...]