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Do Real Estate Agents Steal?

Do Realtors steal? Yesterday, I would've said "Of course not, it would be insane t jeopardize your license in order to steal" (not to mention that it's flat out wrong!!!!) Sadly, however, this morning I saw a report on Good Morning America about an agent in … [Read More...]

FHA Reduces the cost of PMI (mortgage insurance)

This is fantastic news for home buyers. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has reduced its annual mortgage insurance premium (MIP) from 1.35% to 0.85%. That is a pretty big reduction and translates directly into LOWER MORTGAGE PAYMENTS for buyers. … [Read More...]

Be cautious when renting your home for the Super Bowl 2015

Attorney General Tom Horne and Real Estate Commissioner Judy Lowe are today warning consumers to be cautious of businesses who say they can help you earn money by renting your home during the 2015 Super Bowl game. With the NFL’s Super Bowl coming to Glendale, … [Read More...]